Puglia Travel Tips Round Up and People

“People are the star attraction of any great travel experience”

That’s a quote from tips for taking travel portraits and it was true in Puglia. Although the scenery and architecture in Puglia is fabulous of the thousands of photos I took while visiting many of my favourites are photos of people so I wanted to share them here.

It’s a fun way to pull together my travel experiences in Puglia and direct you off to travel tips, articles and places you may have missed.

A street seller in lovely Lecce. Find out more (about Lecce not this guy!) in things to do in Lecce.

photo (16)

A Lecce chef – there are a lot of photos of chefs here – I never realised that they were so photogenic until I went to Puglia.

photo (6)

Gianni, the bar tender who can look into your eyes and tell you what wine you’ll like. You can read more about him and his bar in eating, sleeping and drinking in Locorotondo.

locorotondo gianni

More lovely Lecce locals – out and about after dark.

photo (2)

More Locorotondo bartenders – find out where to find them in Eating, Drinking and Sleeping in Locorotondo.

locorotondo bar

The top chef cooked my long lunch in Italy and made me a very happy woman.

acrianz chef2

Alessandra who recently moved to Puglia from Rome and set up Apulia Magazine.

faces of puglia allessandra

Birranova brewer whose bar in Triggianello you can visit.

faces of puglia birranova

Our bus driver – So wish I’d quizzed him about Nature, Wellbeing and Happiness in Salento, Italy – pretty sure his recommendations would have included red wine!

faces of puglia bus driver
Yet another Lecce barman and restaurateur – the food is so good – find out more in how to eat in Puglia.

faces of puglia cafe

Gorgeous Gianni from Cooking Experience in Lecce who will not only teach you how to eat in Lecce but how to cook it.

faces of puglia cooking
Family restaurant owners on the Pugliese coast – three generations of them headed up by the serious looking guy in the fisherman’s hat who never smiles for photos.

faces of puglia family

Manila the lovely Puglia foodie who took me out for that long lunch!

faces of puglia foodie
Mystery man! No idea who this guy is but I love the photo and look how well he’s posing by the map of Italy. Can you see Puglia? It’s the region in the heel of the boot. When you visit make sure you stay in a traditional trulli.

faces of puglia map man

Local musicians – so beautiful, so young and yet so passionate about the traditional music of Puglia.

faces of puglia musicians

A potter in his workshop

faces of puglia potter

Singer who serenaded and egged us on when I got on TV in Puglia

faces of puglia singer

Do you find that the people make a good travel experience great?

I was a guest of PromozionePuglia and the fabulous cultural specialist tour company Agrifeudi during my stay in Lecce and the Salento area of Puglia. You can find out more about visiting Lecce and experiencing the Salento region with local guides through Agrifeudi.

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  1. Seana May 20, 2014 at 4:01 am - Reply

    Lovely way to do a roundup post of your trip to Puglia. For sure it’s the people who make the biggest impression when we travel. And I’ve found that I meet more people when I travel alone, do you find that too?

    • Annabel Candy May 21, 2014 at 9:56 am - Reply

      Hi Seana,

      I didn’t travel alone on this trip and I had a lot of local contacts which meant I met some pretty special people. I do meet people when I travel alone too though and that puts a totally different spin on things :)

  2. Bronwyn Joy May 21, 2014 at 1:48 am - Reply

    Love the roundup. The people you meet are definitely a big part of the trip. To see the journey as a collection of people is a great way to look back on it.

  3. Uma May 26, 2014 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    People are the X factor that makes a place what it is … otherwise it is a sterile empty place, however beautiful it may be.

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