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Life after 50

Life After 50

What does life over 50 hold? If you buy into media advertisements, once you hit 50, life seems to mainly focus on planning for retirement…

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Travel Insurance for Seniors

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Seniors?

While there’s no doubt everyone who travels abroad should take out insurance, once you hit a certain age you might need to think about

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How to Avoid Injury When Running

How to Avoid Injury When Running: 9 Hot Tips

In the first three years of my running endeavours, I successfully avoided injury. Alas, I’m writing this now with a niggling hip and/or hamstring

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Teach English Luang Prabang

Teaching English in Lao

Considering teaching overseas as a way to see the world or pay for your travels? Here’s an interview I did a few years ago which has some useful insights into the life of

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Travel Trend - Stay Longer

The Next Trend In Travel is Stay Longer

The changing face of travel frightens me. I live in Noosa, one of Australia’s hottest beach resort destinations, so I constantly experience the pressure

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Ultrarunning at 50

Ultrarunner for a Day: What it’s Like Running 50k aged 50

I’m pretty high energy but sometimes I wear myself out and that was certainly the case in May. Since I’m 50 and always looking for a new challenge

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Reasons I Always Get Travel Insurance

5 Reasons I Always Get Travel Insurance

Despite a lifelong reputation for being clumsy, I’ve been pretty lucky on my travels. I’ve never seriously injured myself or fallen seriously ill. My

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Turning 50

Thoughts on Turning 50

Please allow me to make a small confession: I turned 50 not so long ago without any fanfare. I felt the pressure, whether social or imagined, to

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Luxury Thailand Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park

5 Reasons to Choose Thailand for a Luxury Vacation

It’s no secret that I love Thailand. But it does have a reputation for being a mecca for backpackers and budget travellers so often gets overlooked

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Mooloolaba Triathlon Tips

Mooloolaba Triathlon Tips: Ooops! I did it again…

I just completed Mooloolaba Triathlon, my second Olympic distance triathlon, by swimming 1.5km, cycling 40km

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Rain Ruins Vacation

What to do When Rain Ruins a Vacation

The roof of our campervan seemed to crackle in the rain. Outside, the windows streamed with rivulets of water and inside our breath steamed

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Travel new places

The Irresistable Allure of Travel to New Places

Even the thought of visiting somewhere new gives me a thrill. It doesn’t even need to be an exotic travel destination. The idea of travelling somewhere

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Why I love Thailand

11 Things I Love About Thailand

I first visited Thailand in 1992 and loved it. So when Accor Hotels invited me to go there again in 2016 I was excited but also concerned. So often

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Easy Health Changes for Busy Women

5 Easy Health Changes for Busy Women

These easy health changes for busy women aren’t about weight loss, running or training for a triathlon. It’s about making a few tiny tweaks that

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