• Puglia Travel Tips Round Up and People

    People were a star attraction in Puglia. Although the scenery and architecture in Puglia is fabulous of the thousands of photos I took while visiting many

    It's a fun way to pull together my travel experiences in Puglia and direct you off to travel tips, articles and places you may have missed....Read More

  • Long Lunch in Italy

    I visited Italy with high expectations for the food and wasn't disappointed. Although they were all different every eating...Read More

  • Eating, Drinking and Sleeping in Locorotondo

    In a country famous for its beautiful towns and a region full of them, Locorotondo is reputed to be one of the most ...Read More

  • How to Eat in Pulgia: Salento Specialities

    In Puglia everyone's a food and wine connoisseur. For the Pugliese eating isn't just about refueling, it's a cultural ritual...Read More

  • Nature, Wellbeing and Happiness in Salento, Italy

    Naturalis Bio Resort is an old masseria, or farm house, which has been transformed into boutique holiday accommodation...Read More

  • Trulli Traditional Holiday Accommodation in Puglia

    Some say trulli, the traditional square stone buildings with conical roofs look like hobbit houses and many do. The fields...Read More


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