Solomon Islands

  • 10 Things to Do In and Around Honiara

    When you visit the Solomon Islands you'll probably arrive in the capital of Honiara. Honiara isn't a tourist...Read More

  • A day in the Life of a Modern Day Missionary

    Few people are true adventurers. True adventure travellers don’t seek manmade thrills like skydiving or jetskiing, yet...Read More

  • Tenaru Falls: a Solomon Islands Adventure

    Why are waterfalls so appealing? Is it the sheer power of the water cascading over a cliff edge? The...Read More

  • World War 2 Tour in the Solomon Islands

    In some ways it seems that little has changed in the sleepy Solomon Islands since 1942 when the US...Read More

  • Day Trip to Savo Island in the Solomons

    Shrouded in low cloud, Savo Island floats on the ocean like a land that time forgot. Our boat looks like a bath toy...Read More

  • Shell Money Festival in the Solomon Islands

    The people of Malaita Island have long been the most feared tribe in the Solomon Islands. Distrusting of strangers...Read More


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