• I Wish I Was in Zimbabwe Now

    A year in Zimbabwe shaped me and changed me like no other. The warmth and outlook of Zimbabweans coupled...Read More

  • A Waterhole in Zimbabwe

    We eat a quick breakfast outside on the deck at Kanga Camp overlooking Kanga Pan. At the end of the dry season in October, it's the only inland waterhole in Mana Pools National...Read More

  • Travel Portraits from Zimbabwe and Tips for Taking Travel Portraits

    I love taking photos when I travel and travel portraits in particular because people are always the star attraction of any ...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Zebra Portrait Color vs. Black & White

    I love zebras. You can read more about that in my life as a zebra but today here's a short, sharpboost in the form of a zebra ...Read More

  • Endangered Species: Painted Dogs of Mana Pools

    Nothing excited the guides more than a sighting of the African painted dogs and when we saw the Kanga pack come into camp one night bringing the pups...Read More

  • Zambezi River Photos

    The Zambezi River in Mana Pools National Park is very different from the raging mass of water that thunders over Victoria Falls. A few hundred kilometers...Read More


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