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Turning 50

Thoughts on Turning 50

Please allow me to make a small confession: I turned 50 not so long ago without any fanfare. I felt the pressure, whether social or imagined, to

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2017 Review

2017 in Numbers

Still overcommitted, I honestly don’t feel as if I’ve achieved much this year. I’m bogged down, battling with endless deadlines

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DNA testing for ethnicity

Using a DNA Test to Guide Your Travels

Have you ever wondered where some of your unique interests, habits or characteristics come from? For example, I’ve often

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Travel Blog Hiatus


Hiatus is defined as “a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity” by I love the ritual of writing here every week and

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Travels with Luke

Traveling with a Teenager in Vietnam

If you’re thinking about travelling in Vietnam with a teenager it’s a choice. Once we finally got to Vietnam after the unfortunate visa debacle,

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Luang Prabang reunion

Travel Reunion Story: 25 Years Later

Click! It was just a quick snap. A moment in time from 1991 that I’d hold close forever. A picture I’d carry with me for decades

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Half Marathon in Luang Prabang, Laos

72 Hours of Running for What?

After 4,320 minutes (or 72 hours) of training over the last 12 weeks, clocking up almost 700 km of runs

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Training for half marathon luang prabang

Training for a Half Marathon in Luang Prabang

Running is becoming more and more popular, especially with women. Although I’m a late bloomer when it comes

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Blimey! I’ve been Busy…

I’m one of those high energy A-types who thrive on being busy. I can’t cope with boredom. I like to have lots going

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Unplanned Pregnancy

18 Years After an Unplanned Pregnancy

When the little blue line appeared on the home pregnancy test kit I cried. It seemed as if my carefree life was over and that, belatedly, at the age of 29 I would finally be wrenched into adulthood. I was right.

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Moving  house

Moving House

Not so long ago I was pondering the benefits of travelling light through life and now I’m being forced to lighten my load. After ten years of renting we have bought our first home

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changed My Life

Someone Who Changed My Life

When I was 18 I left school and home to begin my independent adult life and world travels. It didn’t start off well. My first job was nanny for a family in France. Let’s just say that they were horrid. My second

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Australian travel blogger

Best of 2015

I made grand plans for 2015. So how did it pan out? My Writing Plans wereshot to pieces. I still need to write my 52 Exercises

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Formative Experiences in travel

Formative Experiences: Family Holidays

“A formative experience is one that strongly influenced you, like the first time youwent to the beach and decided, from that

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Grand plans for 2015

Making Grand Plans for 2015!

I’m following Chris Guillebeau’s lead and by writing a review of last year and a plan for the year head. My plans are ambitious (hence the Grand Plans headline!) but better to

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Author: Annabel Candy