Personal Writing

  • Thoughts on Turning 50

    Please allow me to make a small confession: I turned 50 not so long ago without any fanfare. I felt the pressure, whether social or imagined, to...Read More

  • 2017 in Numbers

    Still overcommitted, I honestly don't feel as if I've achieved much this year. I'm bogged down, battling with endless deadlines...Read More

  • Using a DNA Test to Guide Your Travels

    Have you ever wondered where some of your unique interests, habits or characteristics come from? For example, I've often...Read More

  • Hiatus

    Hiatus is defined as “a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity” by I love the ritual of writing here every week and...Read More

  • Traveling with a Teenager in Vietnam

    If you’re thinking about travelling in Vietnam with a teenager it’s a choice. Once we finally got to Vietnam after the unfortunate visa debacle,...Read More

  • Travel Reunion Story: 25 Years Later

    Click! It was just a quick snap. A moment in time from 1991 that I'd hold close forever. A picture I'd carry with me for decades...Read More


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