Highlights of England 2015

Highlights of Our Trip to England

There’s always so much to catch up on when you get home from a trip. But me, Max and Kiara had out best trip ever to England

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Travel Hot Spot: Warwick Castle in England

Travel Hot Spot: Warwick Castle in England

I visited Warwick Castle on school and family trips as a child and still remember the atmosphere and excitement. So I wanted

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English cottage Alresford

Picture Perfect English Cottage

Last time I was in England I went to stay with my BFF’s Fiona’s parents near Winchester just like wedid when we were

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Thumbnail image for Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

Sometimes I think the wildlife in industrial countries brings even more pleasure than it does in places you expect to see

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Photo Story: Patriotism at the Victoria Memorial in London

Goldsmith’s College, London University where I studied French and English sounds so grand but unfortunatelyit was situated in the arse end of London.

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Travel photo London eye and memories of London town

Photo Friday: London Eye

The streets of London weren’t paved with gold when I was a student at London University but I moved there to find that out for myself. I was as impoverished

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british seaside holidays

Happy Holidays by the Great British Seaside

My childhood home in Leicestershire is reputed to be as far from the sea as you can get in England. Maybe that’s why I loved the ocean and

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England travel stories

A Trip Back in Time to England in Spring

I don’t get jet-lag. First up it sounds pretentious – I’m a real traveller, not part of the namby pamby jetset crowd. Secondly I’m too young, vibrant and energetic

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Author: Annabel Candy