• Highlights of Our Trip to England

    There's always so much to catch up on when you get home from a trip. But me, Max and Kiara had out best trip ever to England...Read More

  • Travel Hot Spot: Warwick Castle in England

    I visited Warwick Castle on school and family trips as a child and still remember the atmosphere and excitement. So I wanted...Read More

  • Picture Perfect English Cottage

    Last time I was in England I went to stay with my BFF's Fiona's parents near Winchester just like wedid when we were ...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

    Sometimes I think the wildlife in industrial countries brings even more pleasure than it does in places you expect to see...Read More

  • Photo Story: Patriotism at the Victoria Memorial in London

    Goldsmith's College, London University where I studied French and English sounds so grand but unfortunatelyit was situated in the arse end of London....Read More

  • Photo Friday: London Eye

    The streets of London weren't paved with gold when I was a student at London University but I moved there to find that out for myself. I was as impoverished...Read More


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