Central America

  • Giddyup to Granada’s Horse Parade

    “But you should stay for the Hipica.” We're checking into our hotel in Granada, Central America's oldest city where...Read More

  • 72 Hours in Granada, Nicaragua

    With its fine colonial architecture, Spanish heritage and stunning natural surroundings, Granada, the oldest city in Central America, is enjoying a renaissance. Due to its war torn past Nicaragua is still one ...Read More

  • Things to See and Do in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    Looking for things to see and do in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua? I visited in 2007 and loved it so when Claudia, a Get In the Hot...Read More

  • Secret, Surprising Costa Rica Bird Sanctuary

    Emerald, ruby and sapphire. Like so many precious gems birds flit around in the gardens, lured out of the undergrowth like this Green Honeycreeper...Read More

  • Scared Senseless: a Boat Trip to the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (Video Post)

    I was scared about travelling to the ...Read More

  • How to See the Real Costa Rica

    Costa Rica means the beautiful coast and it lives up to its name. Costa Rica is a long skinny...Read More


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