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Mucho Internet Marketing – Mucho is the website design and internet marketing company my husband, Rich, and I set up in Noosa, Australia. We have 15 years experience and a host of happy clients in New Zealand, Australia, Africa and the UK. We specialise in designing effective websites for start-ups and small or medium-sized businesses.

We aim to make SMEs look as good as, or better than their bigger competition for a reasonable cost. So if you need a new website or have one that’s tired and needs redesigning then check out Mucho and speak to me or Rich for sound, practical and honest advice on your Internet marketing campaign.

Web Copy Writing

Annabel at Mucho – This is me. Yes, I have a day job too. As a web copy writer, I read, digest and organise company literature and work hard to understand small businesses and their customers. With a good understanding of what sets one company apart from their competitors, and how best to make that clear to the website visitors, I write copy that appeals to the target audience and provides them with clear calls of action.

If you need an experienced web copy writer, I’d be happy to give you a quote. I can work with other website designers, agencies or the client directly.

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