52 Exercises: How One Woman Dared to Deal With a Mid-Life Crisis

  • 52 Exercises: Breakdown of a Breakdown

    I announced the 52 Exercises quest as way to tackle a mid-life crisis with the byline:"52 Exercises: How One Woman Dared ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises Quest Ends: Swimming Laps and New Beginnings

    I'm wearing a bikini, a sun hat and sunglasses. I enter the pool gingerly even though it's hot outside and the water is warm too. I sink in slowly and then swim, ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #51 Dance Show and Dealing With Anxiety

    It wasn’t a real dance show. Just our small dance class of five women performing for our...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #50 Thai Boxing and Life After Depression

    As we drive off to a gym in the Noosa hinterland where professional Muay Thai boxers train and where we'll be joining them for a training session I feel curiously ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #49 Kundalini Yoga and Finding Your Inner Truth

    The end of the year is nigh and my ever truthful Bowen therapist says I am tired. It's not a comment on the way I look but a factual statement. "I wonder...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #48 Killer Steps for a Natural High

    Now the 52 Exercises Quest is almost over I feel the need to up the ante. There are all kinds of exercises I could do like learning the high trapeze at Circus...Read More


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