What's a Smile Worth?

Photo Friday: What’s a Smile Worth?

This sign was spotted in downtown Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon in Canada. Nailed on the side of one of the old wooden

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Bighorn sheep travel photo taken in Banff, Canada

Photo Friday: Bighorn sheep in Banff, Canada

We spotted this handsome fellow while driving round the Banff area and although I can’t remember exactly where we were

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Canada Travel Blog Posts

7 Canada Travel Stories

Canada’s a huge place and you’d need to travel there many times or stay there forever to see it all. I wouldn’t mind repeat visits at all. Late spring, summer

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Guided walk in the rocky mountains, banff

A Short Walk in the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Canada

If you like nature, walking and chocolate then you’ll love Joel Hagen and Nadine Fletcher from Great Divide Nature Interpretation who organise

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Lake Louise travel dream

A Travel Dream Comes True in Lake Louise

After travelling round the world for 12 years I was trying to settle down and do the sensible, grown up family thing. But it was tough for a travel fiend

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Kluane National Park Glacier Tour

Kluane National Park Glacier Tour: Coolest Yukon Day Trip Ever

If you want to get off the beaten path pack your bag and head to Kluane National Park in Click here to read on… Canada’s remote Yukon Territory.

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One night in Vancouver

My Flying Visit to Vancouver

Canadian people are famously friendly but Vancouverites exceed themselves on the friendliness

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Take a Hike by the Yukon River - Whitehorse to Miles Canyon

Hiking the Yukon River Loop in Whitehorse

Canada means stunning scenery, diverse wildlife and friendly people, especially in the Yukon. Bordering Alaska, Canada’s westernmost and smallest

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Bear spotting in Canada

Going on a Bear Hunt

I was off my bike before the man finished saying: “There are baby ducks crossing the path, stop please.”We were right by Beaver Lake in Stanley

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Canada and Vancouver

Why I Jetted off to Canada and a Vancouver Video I Love

As you read this I’ll be squished into an

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Author: Annabel Candy