Travel Tips

  • My Big Fat Travel Bucket List

    Call me greedy but when it comes to travel I always seem to want more. I've already lived in eight countries and visited 44 others but I'm definitely not done...Read More

  • Do You Need Travel Insurance for Seniors?

    While there's no doubt everyone who travels abroad should take out insurance, once you hit a certain age you might need to think about

    ...Read More

  • The Next Trend In Travel is Stay Longer

    The changing face of travel frightens me. I live in Noosa, one of Australia's hottest beach resort destinations, so I constantly experience the pressure...Read More

  • 5 Reasons I Always Get Travel Insurance

    Despite a lifelong reputation for being clumsy, I've been pretty lucky on my travels. I've never seriously injured myself or fallen seriously ill. My...Read More

  • What to do When Rain Ruins a Vacation

    The roof of our campervan seemed to crackle in the rain. Outside, the windows streamed with rivulets of water and inside our breath steamed...Read More

  • The Irresistable Allure of Travel to New Places

    Even the thought of visiting somewhere new gives me a thrill. It doesn't even need to be an exotic travel destination. The idea of travelling somewhere...Read More


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