• 28 Hours in Paris: Part 2

    Well hello again! Or should I say bonjour encore une fois? Assuming you've already read 28 Hours in Paris: Part 1 about our...Read More

  • 28 Hours in Paris: Part 1

    What can you see and do in 28 hours in Paris? Heaps if you have the stamina! When I visited with Max (14) and Kiara (10) in...Read More

  • A Night at the Mercure Paris Gare du Nord

    Visiting Paris and showing one of my favourite cities to my kids was a highlight of our recent trip to Europe. We visited England...Read More

  • My First Kiss: Love Lessons Learnt in France

    We met at sunset in the south of France. My breath stilled as he sat down on the swing next to me. His dark , Mediterranean eyes and shy smile won me over but, with his red hair and...Read More

  • What Looks Like French Bread But Isn’t?

    What springs to mind when you think of France? The Eiffel Tower? Frogs legs? A French man on a bike with a beret on his head and a baguette tucked under ...Read More


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