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  • Best and Worst Things About Living in Queensland

    Thinking of moving to or visiting Queensland? Want to know the good, the bad and the bits that Tourism Queensland won't...Read More

  • Life After 50

    What does life over 50 hold? If you buy into media advertisements, once you hit 50, life seems to mainly focus on planning for retirement ...Read More

  • Mooloolaba Triathlon Tips: Ooops! I did it again…

    I just completed Mooloolaba Triathlon, my second Olympic distance triathlon, by swimming 1.5km, cycling 40km...Read More

  • Adventure Squad: for Women Who Choose to be Courageous

    I'm starting an adventure group for women. Does that interest you? At the moment it's just an idea to create a small, local group, but it occurred...Read More

  • 5 Reasons Lazy Holidays Rule

    Hello Hot Spotters! It's so good to see you here again. It's been a while and this post is overdue but I'll make no apologies for that because...Read More

  • My First Triathlon: Noosa 2017: Tips for Beginners

    Training for, and participating in, my first triathlon has been all-consuming this year. I didn't plan it that way, I just signed...Read More


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