Funny Travel Stories

  • Bogan Watch! At a Queensland Beauty Spot

    Summertime in Queensland. It's stinking hot. Even here, in the relatively cooler hinterland, the thermometer records a stinking36°C (97°F). Waterfalls...Read More

  • Bathrooms on Planes: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    There's always a queue for the loo on a long distance flight as soon as the air slaves have finished clearing away...Read More

  • Funny Travel Story: Froggy

    My mother's nickname at school was Froggy because of her long legs. Now she's in her eighties but she still attends school reunions where former classmates call her Froggy....Read More

  • The Worst Meal I Never Ate: a Funny Travel Story

    The jungle was small but perfectly formed. Surrounded by opium poppy fields and hill tribe villages there wasn't much left...Read More

  • Funny Travel Story: Riding High on a Turkish Fire Truck

    Though I can’t remember the name of the town or ruins I was going to visit, the journey is imprinted in...Read More

  • Funny Travel Story: Rags to Riches in Kenya

    "We're rich!" said Rich announcing the news that our precious travel money had magically doubled overnight. It was a stroke of personal good ...Read More


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