Bali stay at the Intercontinental Resort in Jimbaran Bay with a cultural day trip to Rumah Desa.

Bali Rental Villa

5 Reasons to Rent a Villa in Bali

There’s no doubt that Bali is a special place. Even though it was discovered decades ago, and is now very much part of

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Intercontinental Bali Club Room Benefits

7 Benefits of Intercontinental Bali Club Rooms

if you’re thinking about staying at the Intercontinental Bali Resort consider the Club rooms. During my recent stay I was happily

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Thumbnail image for Cultural Bali Day Trip to Rumah Desa

Cultural Bali Day Trip to Rumah Desa

Much as I love the Intercontinental Resort and never want to leave this is my first visit to Bali so a visit to the lushisland centre is

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Intercontinental Bali resort review

Holiday Heaven at the Intercontinental Bali

There’s so much going on at the Intercontinental Resort in Bali that you never have to leave. With 400 rooms and facilities spread

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Author: Annabel Candy