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  • Gaza, Grief and Helping Bring Relief

    I don't fully understand the situation in Gaza so I won't pretend to. I'm scared of even mentioning the grief in Gaza and...Read More

  • Puglia Travel Tips Round Up and People

    People were a star attraction in Puglia. Although the scenery and architecture in Puglia is fabulous of the thousands of photos I took while visiting many

    It's a fun way to pull together my travel experiences in Puglia and direct you off to travel tips, articles and places you may have missed....Read More

  • 24 Hours of Luxury and Laughs on the Gold Coast

    We set off bright and early on Saturday morning for The Goldie as the Gold Coast is affectionately known. No family ...Read More

  • Long Lunch in Italy

    I visited Italy with high expectations for the food and wasn't disappointed. Although they were all different every eating...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Zebra Portrait Color vs. Black & White

    I love zebras. You can read more about that in my life as a zebra but today here's a short, sharpboost in the form of a zebra ...Read More

  • 45 Hours on the Queen Mary 2: Part 2

    If you've read 45 Hours on the Queen Mary 2: Part 1 you won't be surprised that we need another snooze by now. If not...Read More


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