6 Months of Articles at Get In the Hot Spot

I started to get serious about writing this blog in April 2009 so there are six months of articles here now.

This is a round up of the most popular articles to give new readers a chance to see what I write about and old readers a chance to catch up with anything they’ve missed.

Many thanks to my lovely readers and to everyone who’s emailed me or left a comment. You’ve spurred me on to write better and more confidently. I appreciate it.

Self Development Articles and Tips

How To Work Out What Your Dream Is

7 Good reasons To Go For a Walk

101 Ways To Feel Happy

3 Keys To Living Your Dream

10 Things To Be Grateful For and Why You Should Be

5 Ways To Prevent Depression

10 Ways To Get The Life You Want

8 Secrets of Mountain Climbing and Life

A Surfer’s Guide To Living Life To The Full

How To Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

Self Help Articles On Fear

Give Fear The Finger and Live The Life You Want

Overcoming Fear: Turning Fearful Into Fierce

Funny Articles Which Poke Fun at People (Usually Me)

Daylight Robbery, Little Cove, Noosa

Why I’ll Always Back Up My Work From Now On

Search Engine Terms For Blogging

Puberty Bites: Talking About Puberty With Kids

How To Listen To Kids

Fuddy Duddy Mummy Exposed

Funny Search Engine Terms

Articles With a Personal Angle About Me and the Candy Family

Get In The Hot Spot – How it got started and why

Live Your Dream In a Material World

What Can You Give Up To Live Your Dream?

Follow Your Dream, You Only Live Once – A family moving from New Zealand to Central America

Who Else Wants To Meet More People?

What Everyone Ought To Know About Coping With Life

Articles on Blogging

Funny Search Engine Terms

Getting More Blog Readers: Accountability

Blogging Away With Growing Success

Articles on Living in Australia

Why Do So Many People Move To, Or Want To Move To, Australia?

Sunshine Coast Tourist Guide – Family Fun

Sunshine Coast Tourist Guide – Australia Zoo

A Winter’s Weekend In Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Racism in Australia – is Australia a racist country?

Best and Worst Things About Living In Australia

Traveling Close To Home: Coolum Campsite, Sunshine Coast

Books, Reading and Writing Articles

Reading List – I’m constantly updating this with the best books for writers, travelers and the best reading fiction

Inspirational Interview With Travel Writer, Peter Moore

Geeky Articles

If I Were a Geek Just For a Day

How To Use Twitter as a Motivational Tool

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  1. teresa October 2, 2009 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    Wow! Has it really has been that long! I would like to thank you for all your writing. You really have helped me through your inspiring articles…Where are the publishes who want to pick your brains for amazing book ideas??? I would love, love, love to buy your book. Keep it up honey! We all appreciate you more than you can imagine xxx

  2. Positively Present October 3, 2009 at 12:57 am - Reply

    Wow! What a great list of links! I’m SO looking forward to checking them out this weekend. Thanks!

  3. Fida October 22, 2009 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    You’ve really been busy! Obviously you don’t have my procrastinator gene ;-)

    I am not finished reading yet…I am hooked…some great ideas and advice!

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