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  • 52 Exercises: #50 Thai Boxing and Life After Depression

    As we drive off to a gym in the Noosa hinterland where professional Muay Thai boxers train and where we'll be joining them for a training session I feel curiously ...Read More

  • 5 Books for Adventurous People

    Looking for more books to keep you on track with your adventures or inspire you to go off on some adventures of your own? Here are a few books I've been ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #39 Bike Ride to Peregian Beach With My Bro

    Only mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun but we don't have a choice. My brother Tom who's visiting from England wants to join me on on...Read More

  • Self Esteem and Underwear: 3 Things Every Woman Should Know

    I finally have the strength and energy to do some things which are long overdue. Things that have been weighing me down for ages. Things like cleaning...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #17 Beach Bat and Ball for Buddhists

    'Buddhist psychotherapist' reads the business card but my first session with the shrink was not a zen experience. In my family when we get sick we don't...Read More

  • My Wrinkles

    Word is spreading about my wrinkles. In fact they are becoming a matter of some national, if not yet global concern. Recently the kind people at Avon sent...Read More

  • 5 Best Countries to Visit in the Whole Wide World

    Most of us don't have the time or cash to visit every country in the world. So here's my take on the five best countries to visit in case you're wondering where ...Read More

  • 15 Things to Know Before Riding a Camel that I Learnt on an Uluru Sunrise Tour

    I remember being initiated into the art of camel riding in the Bronx Zoo. It wasn't a long ride but it made an impression on me. I've ridden camels in the Sinai...Read More

  • Christmas Comes Early: FREE Personal Writing Magic Guide

    The eagerly awaited free Personal Writing Magic ebooklet is finally up for grabs. Based on the popular Personal Writing Magic series it will give you tips on how to incorporate personal...Read More

  • Why Pitching a Book is Scarier than Hannibal Lecter

    Did you know I try to do something scarey every day? Some days it's something simple like reaching out to someone by email. Sometimes I send off a guest post...Read More


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