• The Irresistable Allure of Travel to New Places

    Even the thought of visiting somewhere new gives me a thrill. It doesn't even need to be an exotic travel destination. The idea of travelling somewhere...Read More

  • 11 Things I Love About Thailand

    I first visited Thailand in 1992 and loved it. So when Accor Hotels invited me to go there again in 2016 I was excited but also concerned. So often...Read More

  • 5 Easy Health Changes for Busy Women

    These easy health changes for busy women aren't about weight loss, running or training for a triathlon. It's about making a few tiny tweaks that...Read More

  • Bogan Watch! At a Queensland Beauty Spot

    Summertime in Queensland. It's stinking hot. Even here, in the relatively cooler hinterland, the thermometer records a stinking36°C (97°F). Waterfalls...Read More

  • Adventure Squad: for Women Who Choose to be Courageous

    I'm starting an adventure group for women. Does that interest you? At the moment it's just an idea to create a small, local group, but it occurred...Read More

  • 5 Reasons Lazy Holidays Rule

    Hello Hot Spotters! It's so good to see you here again. It's been a while and this post is overdue but I'll make no apologies for that because...Read More

  • 2017 in Numbers

    Still overcommitted, I honestly don't feel as if I've achieved much this year. I'm bogged down, battling with endless deadlines...Read More

  • Biking off the Beaten Track in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Hoi An is charming but touristy. It's especially crowded in the evenings when busloads of tourists arrive from Na Dang...Read More


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