How to Stay Motivated for Longterm Challenges

How to Stay Motivated for Longterm Challenges

I started training for the Noosa Triathlon nine months ago in February. I couldn’t swim or bike and certainly wasn’t planning on actually participating

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Travel Blog Hiatus


Hiatus is defined as “a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity” by I love the ritual of writing here every week and

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Travels with Luke

Traveling with a Teenager in Vietnam

If you’re thinking about travelling in Vietnam with a teenager it’s a choice. Once we finally got to Vietnam after the unfortunate visa debacle,

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Travel disaster: Refused entry on to plane

Travel Confession: I Wasn’t Allowed on the Plane

Our bags were packed, the sun was shining and the roads were clear. Luke and I arrived at Brisbane Airport in plenty of time for our flights to

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Lessons Learnt from Biking

10 Lessons Learned from Cycling 1,972 Kilometers

Lance Armstrong’s first autobiography is called It’s Not About the Bike. While Lance turned out to be an outrageous liar, the part about cycling not

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Audible recommendation

5 Reasons I Love Audible Listening Books

Despite being an avid reader, who can plough through a book a week, I resisted the lure of audio books for years. I love

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The Priority List by David Menasche

The Priority List: 3 Reasons to Read the Book and Make Yours

The Priority List by David Menasche is an unforgettable book. It’s a short, emotional read that

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Things to do in Guatemala

3 Reasons Guatelamala is so Much MORE than Tikal

Like many travelers before us, the main reason we visited Guatemala was to see Tikal. We also thought Guatemala would

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how to exercise even when you don't want to

How to Exercise When You Don’t Want to

As winter closes in and the temperature drops, my exercise buddies are starting to complain about the cold, dark mornings

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Low Cost City Break

5 Tips for a Low Cost City Break

Whether you’re looking for family fun, a foodie experience, or a weekend of sightseeing, city breaks have something for

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Travel Tips for Boomers in the USA

Top 10 Travel Tips for Boomers in the USA

The land of the brave and home of the free is strangely appealing. While I despise globalisation and Americanisms, and

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How to Face A Challenge

How to Face A Challenge You Think You’re Not Up To

Does low confidence hold you back? Do you ever avoid something hard because you don’t want to risk failing? When

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Bat spotting in Noosa

3 Places to See Bats in Noosa

Last time  my mum came to visit us from England we went to see the fruits bat colony behind Noosa library. There are over 1,000 fruit bats roosting in the

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Noosa's best restaurants - Thomas Corner Eatery

Eating Out at One of Noosa Best Restaurants: Thomas Corner Eatery

Noosa is packed with excellent restaurants. It’s a magnet for celebrity chefs, and lesser known chefs who

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Elephant Village Luang Prabang

Elephant Village Luang Prabang: Mahout for a Day!

The Elephant Village is a brilliant day out near Luang Prabang. Check out my Steller story with links at the end. Make sure you click on the

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