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  • Nature, Wellbeing and Happiness in Salento, Italy

    Naturalis Bio Resort is an old masseria, or farm house, which has been transformed into boutique holiday accommodation...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Uluru at Sunset

    I love rummaging through Picasa where I keep all my travel photos. My only wish is that digital had been invented back...Read More

  • Trulli Traditional Holiday Accommodation in Puglia

    Some say trulli, the traditional square stone buildings with conical roofs look like hobbit houses and many do. The fields...Read More

  • Things to Do in Lecce by Day and Night

    Looking for things to do in Lecce? Lecce, Italy's “Florence of the South,” is a maze of narrow streets packed with Baroque...Read More

  • I Got on TV During My Travels in Puglia

    Puglia smells of rosemary, red wine, oranges and red earth. Of coffee, freshly baked bread and tomato sauce left bubbling...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Bighorn sheep in Banff, Canada

    We spotted this handsome fellow while driving round the Banff area and although I can't remember exactly where we were...Read More


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