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  • Photo Friday: What’s a Smile Worth?

    This sign was spotted in downtown Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon in Canada. Nailed on the side of one of the old wooden ...Read More

  • Eating, Drinking and Sleeping in Locorotondo

    In a country famous for its beautiful towns and a region full of them, Locorotondo is reputed to be one of the most ...Read More

  • Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

    Sometimes I think the wildlife in industrial countries brings even more pleasure than it does in places you expect to see...Read More

  • 45 Hours on the Queen Mary 2: Part 1

    Hopefully when our life comes to an end we can focus on all the great things we did and not regret the things we didn't ...Read More

  • I Was a Cruise Virgin on the Queen Mary 2

    I'd been waiting for my first cruise invite for a while and wondering if I'd go or not because, although cruises are spectacularly ...Read More

  • How to Eat in Pulgia: Salento Specialities

    In Puglia everyone's a food and wine connoisseur. For the Pugliese eating isn't just about refueling, it's a cultural ritual...Read More


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