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I wish I was in Zimbabwe Now

I Wish I Was in Zimbabwe Now

A year in Zimbabwe shaped me and changed me like no other. The warmth and outlook of Zimbabweans coupled

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water hole zimbabwe

A Waterhole in Zimbabwe

We eat a quick breakfast outside on the deck at Kanga Camp overlooking Kanga Pan. At the end of the dry season in October, it’s the only inland waterhole in Mana Pools National

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Travel Portraits Zimbabwe

Travel Portraits from Zimbabwe and Tips for Taking Travel Portraits

I love taking photos when I travel and travel portraits in particular because people are always the star attraction of any

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Things to Do in Zimbabwe

11 Things to Do in Zimbabwe Off the Beaten Track

There’s a lot of controversy about what the seven wonders of the natural world are but Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a shoo in. The sight of millions of gallons of water rushing down

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I Love Lions! Zimbabwe Travel Story from Mana Pools

I Love Lions! Zimbabwe Travel Photo Story

Are you a cat person? Then seeing lions in the wild is probably one of your biggest dreams. It is for me but lions are elusive creatures and endangered so

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Game Walk in Magical Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Game Walk in Magical Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The grass is brown, the ground is dusty and the trees in the Croton forest are bare. Grey branches reaching up like claws against a blue sky. It’s the end of

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Zimbabwe Travel Myths busted

52 Exercises: #42 Urban Safari in Harare and Zimbabwe Travel Myths Busted

Harare looks beautiful in October with the jacaranda trees in bloom. Purple blossom against deep blue skies, floating down onto the dusty red earth.

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Flying to Zimbabwe

Come Fly With Me to Zimbabwe

Going back to Zimbabwe has been my dream for years so when the Zimbabwean Tourism Authorities invited me on a press trip it felt like I’d be going

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DNA testing for ethnicity

Using a DNA Test to Guide Your Travels

Have you ever wondered where some of your unique interests, habits or characteristics come from? For example, I’ve often

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Missionary in the Solomon Islands

A day in the Life of a Modern Day Missionary

Few people are true adventurers. True adventure travellers don’t seek manmade thrills like skydiving or jetskiing, yet

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iPhone photography tips

15 iPhone Photography Tips Everyone Should Know

As a blogger I spend way to much time on the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbledUpon… Well, you get the idea. For many years Iresisted the urge to

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Australian travel blogger

Best of 2015

I made grand plans for 2015. So how did it pan out? My Writing Plans wereshot to pieces. I still need to write my 52 Exercises

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Highlights of England 2015

Highlights of Our Trip to England

There’s always so much to catch up on when you get home from a trip. But me, Max and Kiara had out best trip ever to England

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Long Haul Flight Tips

21 Long Haul Flight Tips for Travel Virgins

My first born child is leaving school this year and planning to travel during his Gap year. He’s only 17 and a lovely young lad

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Travel Plans! Off to England

Travel News! Visiting England and Our Grand Plans

Although I don’t miss living in England because I have a morbid fear of the cold, I do missfamily and friends I left behind almost

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