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  • Great Movies! The Hundred-Foot Journey

    Like What We Did on Our Holiday, The Hundred-Foot Journey is a fun family movie with plenty of laughs and a lovely travel theme. Set in the south...Read More

  • Great Movies! What We Did on Our Holiday

    Looking for good books or movies? Great Reads and Great Movies is a new series sharing only the best reads and films to keep you entertained inbetween trips or during your travels. This movie recommendation...Read More

  • Great Movie! Tracks (On an Emirates Flight)

    I missed out on seeing Tracks at the movies when it came out in 2014 but I heard it was great. So my long haul flights from...Read More

  • Laptop Review: Asus ZenBook Flip on the Road

    No one likes to feel trapped, which is probably why I don’t work at a desk anymore. When I’m travelling...Read More

  • A Heavenly Day Out in Hervey Bay

    The sea's as flat as the pancakes the kids at the table next to us are devouring; perfectly calm and ridiculously blue. We found plenty of things to do in Hervey Bay when we last...Read More

  • The Happiness Project Review and 23 Takeaways

    Although Gretchen Rubin, her book The Happiness Project and her blog have been on my radar for years I've never read her ...Read More

  • Penthouse Living at Mantra Sun City on the Gold Coast

    When I checked into the Mantra Sun City in Surfer's Paradise as soon as the receptionist mentioned the spa and swimming ...Read More

  • Why a Boring Routine Creates an Extraordinary Life

    As a global nomad and perpetual adventure seeker I have a love-hate relationship with routine. Mostly I hate it because...Read More

  • Top 10 Fabulous and Free Things to Do in New York

    i Iove new york. I believe clichés become so only becausethey grow out of an accepted and common truth or belief. Sometimes real things, places or ...Read More

  • THE Most Amazing Traveller Ever

    "Oh Max," I moaned to my 11 year old son, "I want to write a post about someone amazing I met when I was travelling but I don't know who to write about....Read More


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