• Ultrarunner for a Day: What it’s Like Running 50k aged 50

    I'm pretty high energy but sometimes I wear myself out and that was certainly the case in May. Since I'm 50 and always looking for a new challenge...Read More

  • 5 Easy Health Changes for Busy Women

    These easy health changes for busy women aren't about weight loss, running or training for a triathlon. It's about making a few tiny tweaks that...Read More

  • Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 2

    The excitement of the new is already over and the 5am starts three times a week are taking their toll. I’ve been feeling tired and even...Read More

  • Announcing: Project Triathlon at 50 Series

    Earlier in the year I rashly posted my goals for 2017 on Facebook saying: "the goal that SCARES me most is learning to...Read More

  • Could Ginseng Give You a Natural Energy Boost?

    I'd read about the benefits of ginseng many times but had never tried it. I have a high bullshit radar and am deeply suspicious...Read More

  • What it Feels Like to Challenge Yourself

    Seven weeks ago I completed my first five kilometer (3.1 miles) timed run in 33 minutes and two seconds (33:02). Before...Read More


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