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  • My First Triathlon: Noosa 2017

    Warning! Shameless boasting ahead… Smashed out my first triathlon in my hometown of Noosa on Sunday 5th November. It’s...Read More

  • How to Stay Motivated for Longterm Challenges

    I started training for the Noosa Triathlon nine months ago in February. I couldn’t swim or bike and certainly wasn’t planning on actually participating...Read More

  • 10 Lessons Learned from Cycling 1,972 Kilometers

    Lance Armstrong’s first autobiography is called It’s Not About the Bike. While Lance turned out to be an outrageous liar, the part about cycling not...Read More

  • 5 Reasons I Love Audible Listening Books

    Despite being an avid reader, who can plough through a book a week, I resisted the lure of audio books for years. I love...Read More

  • The Priority List: 3 Reasons to Read the Book and Make Yours

    The Priority List by David Menasche is an unforgettable book. It’s a short, emotional read that...Read More

  • How to Exercise When You Don’t Want to

    As winter closes in and the temperature drops, my exercise buddies are starting to complain about the cold, dark mornings...Read More


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