• Come Fly With Me to Zimbabwe

    Going back to Zimbabwe has been my dream for years so when the Zimbabwean Tourism Authorities invited me on a press trip it felt like I'd be going ...Read More

  • Traveling to the Ancient Fez Medina in Morocco: Back to the 7th Century

    I first came to Fez, Morocco on a 3 a.m. train from Tangier. I'd been in Morocco (and Africa for that matter)for less than 12 hours and the adventures that followed...Read More

  • Escape to Zanzibar – Even With Kids and on a Budget

    Think ‘Zanzibar’ and you might think ‘not with the kids on my budget’, but Zanzibar can actually be a great affordable family holiday. If you’re coming from Europe,...Read More

  • Why Reverse Culture Shock is Squat On

    When I got back from spending a year teaching at a rural school in Zimbabwe, Africa I was excited to get back to England and hit the supermarket. I'd been...Read More

  • Would You Eat Chickens’ Feet?

    I didn't notice what Mr. Chiunda was wearing on his feet the first time we met. All I could really focus on was the crunch as he bit into his meal with relish, chewing slowly, assessing the...Read More

  • In My Shoes: Me, Aged 23

    I packed three pairs of shoes for my year in Zimbabwe: sensible sandals to wear at the school where I'd be teaching, trainers to walk the seven kilometer dirt track from school to the tarred...Read More


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