photo faves - treasured souvenirs - rasta hat

Photo Faves: Travel Souvenirs: Rasta Man Vibrations

What do you think of this genuine rasta hat I picked up in Zimbabwe? It came without dreadlocks so it was much more wearable when I bought

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Reverse culture shock

Why Reverse Culture Shock is Squat On

When I got back from spending a year teaching at a rural school in Zimbabwe, Africa I was excited to get back to England and hit the supermarket. I’d been

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Travel story Africa

Would You Eat Chickens’ Feet?

I didn’t notice what Mr. Chiunda was wearing on his feet the first time we met. All I could really focus on was the crunch as he bit into his meal with relish, chewing slowly, assessing the

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African shoes

In My Shoes: Me, Aged 23

I packed three pairs of shoes for my year in Zimbabwe: sensible sandals to wear at the school where I’d be teaching, trainers to walk the seven kilometer dirt track from school to the tarred

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Things to do in Capetown

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind in Cape Town

If there is one city in the world that offers so much more than just fancy hotels and sprawling boulevards, it has to be Cape Town. Tourists continue to flock to one of South Africa’s largest

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Mike's Camp and Kiwayu Island

Mike’s Camp – A Perfect Place

I cast away at Mike’s Camp on Kiwayu Island in Kenya in 1992. My boyfriend and I had been traveling in Africa for four months and had spent the last month

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Wealthy writer

My $10,000 Writing, Travelling and Dreaming Bonus

Ultimate proof that it pays to dream and it pays to keep working towards your dream. This story will inspire writers, travellers and dreamers to keep doing what

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Thumbnail image for Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I’ve been a bad mum. I shouted at my son because he was crying about not having an electric guitar, only an acoustic one. “Some people haven’t

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Going For a Walk in Rural Zimbabwe

Lessons From An African Witchdoctor

Everyone likes a story with a moral, something that teaches us a lesson. Look at how Aesop’s Fables, like The Hare and The Tortoise, have stood the test

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Author: Annabel Candy