• Running for Beginners Over 40: for the One Healthy Move Series

    If you're new around these parts, in which case a huge welcome, let me explain that I'm not a natural runner and I came to...Read More

  • 5 Keys to Setting Health Goals and Achieving Them

    I've been through stages of thinking I'll never change and then finding that no matter how many times you've failed before you can change your ...Read More

  • How to Walk: an Easy Fitness Program for Midlife and Beyond

    At school sports day I was once enlisted to run both the mile and the 800 yards race because my house needed a representative. Having avoided...Read More

  • 5 Health Supplements Worth Taking for Women

    I covered a few health supplements I take religiously in Healthy Ageing: 3 Easy Changes I've Made This Year but those aren't the only health supplements...Read More

  • My Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation (With Before and After Pics!)

    Although it's the end of January I feel like this is my first post of the year. Finally the kids are back at school and the eight week...Read More

  • Healthy Ageing: 3 Easy Changes I’ve Made This Year

    Whenever I'm not travelling I'm dreaming of travel, saving for travel and keeping fit for my next travel adventure. I don't call...Read More


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