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  • Great Reads! Us – a Novel About Families and Travel

    Would it put you off reading Us if I admit that it made me cry and cry? I am quite an emotional soul and prone to tears but it's a really moving story....Read More

  • Great Reads! Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

    Are you always hurrying? Me too! I know it's not good for me and I'm always trying to slow down but the Rushing Woman's ...Read More

  • Great Reads! Fatal Storm

    I've probably read more than my fair share of survival books. I love true stories of courage and epic adventure and although ...Read More

  • Great Reads! Summer House With Swimming Pool Review

    In case you missed it I launched a new series last week. Great Reads! will keep you up to date with great books for a long journey, ...Read More

  • Great Reads! The Power of Now: Review and Quotes

    Given the Power of Now was first published in 1997 it's strange that I only came across it at the end of this year. But I'm glad...Read More

  • Great Movies! The Hundred-Foot Journey

    Like What We Did on Our Holiday, The Hundred-Foot Journey is a fun family movie with plenty of laughs and a lovely travel theme. Set in the south...Read More

  • Great Movies! What We Did on Our Holiday

    Looking for good books or movies? Great Reads and Great Movies is a new series sharing only the best reads and films to keep you entertained inbetween trips or during your travels. This movie recommendation...Read More

  • 17 Recommended Reads to Make a Boring Trip Fly By

    Apart from sleeping my favourite bedtime is reading these days. In fact reading's my favourite activity just about anywhere. So I used my six week summer...Read More

  • My Mantra

    A few years ago when I was in the depths of depression I tried to shift my perspective through exercise, adventure and challenge ...Read More

  • Sleeping Around: Capri by Fraser, Brisbane Hotel Review

    For this country mouse, it’s always a thrill to hit the city, and all the more so when a romantic, child-free weekend with your beau is...Read More


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