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  • Is this the Best Bread in Noosa?

    I'm always looking for ways to be healthier and this year I've been learning about paleo nutrition, tackling emotional eating...Read More

  • 11 Good Books to Read this Holiday

    Reading is right up there with travel as one of my favourite activities. It's another escape from the real world and one...Read More

  • 7 Books and 7 Lessons on Paleo Eating and Fasting

    I've read many books on Paleo and fasting recently and as usual with my book round ups I don't recommend all the books...Read More

  • 10 Hot Readers and Their Blogs: Part 3

    Following on from 10 Hot Readers and Their Blogs: Part 1 and Part 2 here are 10 more readers who I dearly appreciate...Read More

  • 5 Books for Adventurous People

    Looking for more books to keep you on track with your adventures or inspire you to go off on some adventures of your own? Here are a few books I've been ...Read More

  • 5000 Words and Five Books on Mindfulness

    Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person who reads books and this year my reading has mainly been on mindfulness and meditation. I adore travel ...Read More

  • 3 Ways to Cope With Boredom

    My parents called me Honeybee as a child more often than they did Annabel because I was always buzzing round doing things, as busy as a bee. I may...Read More

  • 10 Ways to Cope With Annoying Travel Partners

    Whoever said ‘travel broadens the mind’ forgot the crucial latter half of the sentence ‘and shortens the temper’. At the ripe old age of 29, recalling a sorry swamp of annoying travel partners...Read More

  • Best of Get In the Hot Spot 2011

    I may or may not be taking the rest of the year off but I wanted to slip in this “Best of Get In the Hot Spot” post before New Year’s to give you some holiday reading and help you find all the...Read More


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