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  • 5 Reasons I Love Audible Listening Books

    Despite being an avid reader, who can plough through a book a week, I resisted the lure of audio books for years. I love...Read More

  • 12 Amazing Survival Books by Courageous Travellers

    I'm a sucker for survival books! Either anxiety is driving me to read survival stories in the hope I'll pick up a few survival tips ...Read More

  • 11 Good Books to Read this Holiday

    Reading is right up there with travel as one of my favourite activities. It's another escape from the real world and one...Read More

  • 7 Books and 7 Lessons on Paleo Eating and Fasting

    I've read many books on Paleo and fasting recently and as usual with my book round ups I don't recommend all the books...Read More

  • 5 Books for Adventurous People

    Looking for more books to keep you on track with your adventures or inspire you to go off on some adventures of your own? Here are a few books I've been ...Read More

  • 5000 Words and Five Books on Mindfulness

    Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person who reads books and this year my reading has mainly been on mindfulness and meditation. I adore travel ...Read More

  • 10 Books That Will Change Your Life

    Many years ago I swore off self help books. I felt like I'd read them all, I thought that I was fixed and I didn't see the need to improve myself further. But things...Read More

  • 17 Great Books for Travellers, Writers and Fiction Readers

    I read a lot of books, maybe too many when I should be doing my own writing, but reading is such a great way for me to switch off. Most of the books I read...Read More

  • 5 Hot Books I Loved Reading

    If you want to be a great writer then you need to read widely. If you're a writer, there is only one way to procrastinate will help you improve your writing skills...Read More

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    Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps I wrote Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps to help other small business owners and writers tap into the power of blogging. It […]...Read More


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