Noosa Local’s Guide

Girl's Getaway Brisbane

Girl’s Getaway at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane: Part 1

After waving a cheery goodbye to our respective offspring and menfolk my friend Lisa and I zoom off on our long-awaited

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Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

3 Day Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

I dream of retreats. I Google retreats. I love the idea of retreating from the busyness of life, the business and even my dear

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Maleny Botanic Gardens review

Marvelous Maleny Botanic Gardens for Bird Fanciers and Nature Lovers

Some days I just don’t feel like writing my 1000 words a day but I’ve been doing it anyway. It makes me feel grown up, responsible

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ikatan spa review

Noosa Local’s Guide: ikatan Spa Splurge

My husband gifted me an ikatan Spa voucher for my birthday in March and I’ve been hoarding it ever since. I love to have

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Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa Review

Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa: Speedy Takeaway Review

Whether you’re on holiday or living in Noosa it’s always a treat to have a night

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Living in Noosa: What it's Really Like?

Living in Noosa: What it’s Really Like?

Apart from the glorious weather, beautiful beaches and easy lifestyle one of the best things about living in Noosa is that

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Sirocco Noosa review

Ladies Lunch at Sirocco in Noosa

Sloping off work early on Friday sounded like a good plan so I eagerly accepted an invitation to lunch at Sirocco.

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new direction

A New Direction: the Noosa Travel Guide

By popular demand I’ve finally decided to write more about my local area including Noosa where I live and the Sunshine

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Fraser Island Photo Story

Fraser Island Family Holiday Photos

How do you keep seven people aged eight to seventy-eight happy on holiday? We decided to head to Fraser Island for a holiday with our extended family and it was a good choice. Travel

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Noosa Three Ways: Budget, Mid-Range and Big Spender

I love Noosa, I do and I love living here. The beautiful beaches, natural scenery, tropical climate and laid back lifestyle are a huge drawcard, not just for me

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Pat Rafter Annabel Candy Mantra Noosa

Pat Rafter and Me at the Noosa Mantra Morning Tea

You can tell at a glance that Pat Rafter is Australia’s best looking tennis player but it takes a little research to discover that he’s Australia’s best ever tennis

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Hyatt Coolum spa

5 Best Things About The Spa at The Coolum Hyatt

Do you find it hard to relax? In theory all you need to do is switch off your computer, stop working and take a break. Relaxing should be as easy as clicking that shutdown button but it never

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Noosa, Australia Travel Guide

Is Noosa, Australia the Best Place in the World? I’m Your Travel Guide, You Decide

I scoured the world for 20 years looking for the perfect beach, climate and lifestyle before moving to Noosa in

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Looking South from the top of Mount Coolum

Winter School Holidays: Sunshine Coast, Australia

More places to visit on the Sunshine Coast: Kennilworth, Mount Coolum and the Caloundra Rollerdrome.

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A Winters Weekend in Noosa, Queensland

Winter in Queensland? They don’t know the meaning of the word! It’s almost mid-winter here in Queensland but we’re still getting out in the water and enjoying

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Author: Annabel Candy