Expensive Souvenir

The Most Expensive Souvenir I’ve Ever Bought

I treasure the few souvenirs I have from my travels; textiles from Africa, a palm wood salad bowl from Costa Rica and ethic

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Fossicking for Sapphires in Rubyvale

A Beginner’s Guide to Fossicking for Sapphires in Rubyvale

If you’d like to try your luck and find a sapphire head to Rubyvale in Central Queensland. You can pop into the Rubvale Gallery

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Sapphire Gemfields, Central Queensland

From Dirt to Dazzler: Digging the Sapphire Gemfields

Word spread from Australia to New Zealand and as soon as Peter Brown heard about the free, easy lifestyle in the Sapphire

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Mantra Sun City penthouse on the Gold Coast

Penthouse Living at Mantra Sun City on the Gold Coast

When I checked into the Mantra Sun City in Surfer’s Paradise as soon as the receptionist mentioned the spa and swimming

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Noosa bread Belmondos

Is this the Best Bread in Noosa?

I’m always looking for ways to be healthier and this year I’ve been learning about paleo nutrition, tackling emotional eating

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Sunspace Cafe, Doonan, Noosa locals guide

Noosa Local’s Guide: Sunspace Cafe in Doonan

It’s good to be curious but sometimes it gets me into trouble as it did during my visit to the Sunspace Cafe in Doonan

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Aussie Loos or Outhouses

Awesome Aussie Outhouses: 5 Places to Pee Before You Die!

A tour of Australia’s outstanding outhouses, wonderful WCs, cool conveniences, amazing amenities and dunnies of distinction

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Girl's Getaway Quay West Suites in Brisbane

Girl’s Getaway at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane: Part 2

I’ve never handed my car keys over to a strange man before but valet parking at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane is

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Girl's Getaway Brisbane

Girl’s Getaway at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane: Part 1

After waving a cheery goodbye to our respective offspring and menfolk my friend Lisa and I zoom off on our long-awaited

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Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

3 Day Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

I dream of retreats. I Google retreats. I love the idea of retreating from the busyness of life, the business and even my dear

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Maleny Botanic Gardens review

Marvelous Maleny Botanic Gardens for Bird Fanciers and Nature Lovers

Some days I just don’t feel like writing my 1000 words a day but I’ve been doing it anyway. It makes me feel grown up, responsible

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Living in Noosa: What it's Really Like?

Living in Noosa: What it’s Really Like?

Apart from the glorious weather, beautiful beaches and easy lifestyle one of the best things about living in Noosa is that

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Sirocco Noosa review

Ladies Lunch at Sirocco in Noosa

Sloping off work early on Friday sounded like a good plan so I eagerly accepted an invitation to lunch at Sirocco.

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gold coast sofitel review

24 Hours of Luxury and Laughs on the Gold Coast

We set off bright and early on Saturday morning for The Goldie as the Gold Coast is affectionately known. No family

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Bay of Fires Hike and beach walking tips

5 Beach Walking Tips Learnt on the Bay of Fires Hike

Would you like to spend four days hiking the beautiful unspoilt beaches of Tasmania? Me too! Sadly I haven’t made it to Tasmania

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Author: Annabel Candy