May 2017

Bat spotting in Noosa

3 Places to See Bats in Noosa

Last time  my mum came to visit us from England we went to see the fruits bat colony behind Noosa library. There are over 1,000 fruit bats roosting in the

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Noosa's best restaurants - Thomas Corner Eatery

Eating Out at One of Noosa Best Restaurants: Thomas Corner Eatery

Noosa is packed with excellent restaurants. It’s a magnet for celebrity chefs, and lesser known chefs who

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Elephant Village Luang Prabang

Elephant Village Luang Prabang: Mahout for a Day!

The Elephant Village is a brilliant day out near Luang Prabang. Check out my Steller story with links at the end. Make sure you click on the

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ikatan day spa noosa massage relaxation

120-Minute Vacation at ikatan Day Spa, Noosa

Long holidays are hard to come by and they can create stress. Especially overseas vacations with so much to organise

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Triathlon training at 50 in Noosa

Project Triathlon at 50: Training Week 8

This week I’ll be able to test the results of my training in a sprint triathlon. It’s not a proper triathlon, just a training event

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