October 2012

Travel Hot Spots in Outback Australia

The 5 Hottest Travel Spots in Outback Australia

Looking for red hot travel ideas for your next trip to Outback Australia? Australia’s Red Centre set my world on fire so I wanted to share more outback Australia

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Scariest thing ever

What’s the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Do you love Halloween, ghost trains and scary roller coasters? I do but once, when I was old enough to know better, I asked my brother, who was visiting

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Going native when travelling

Is it So Wrong to ‘Go Native’?

The term ‘gone native’ is usually used in a negative way by travelers or expats to explain what they see as strange or embarrassing behaviour by another

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Majorca local travel secrets

Majorca Travel Secrets From a Local – Don’t Tell!

Germans, Brits and Scandinavians love Majorca and it has a reputation for being party central but there’s a lot more to Majorca than cheap beer and endless

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KIngs canyon walk, central australia

Kings Canyon Walk on the Wild Side

Once a sacred site for the Luritja people, Kings Canyon has been revered for thousands of years, but until 1961 only a handful of people had ever seen its

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Holiday Inn Melbourne Travel Review

My Sleepover at the Holiday Inn on Flinders, Melbourne

Despite decades of sleeping my way round the world I’d never spent the night at a Holiday Inn before last week. When I was a kid my bestie’s dad was big

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Escape to Zanzibar in Tanzania - With Kids and on a Budget

Escape to Zanzibar – Even With Kids and on a Budget

Think ‘Zanzibar’ and you might think ‘not with the kids on my budget’, but Zanzibar can actually be a great affordable family holiday. If you’re coming from Europe,

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NT competition

Win a Holiday in the Northern Territory

Did you get inspired by the photos and stories about Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon? Not tomention the cheeky camels I hung out with in the Northern

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Win with Wimdu

WIN a $200 Wimdu Voucher for Your Next Apartment Rental or B&B Stay

Over the last few months we’ve been talking about apartment rentals here in collaboration with Wimdu, the hottest new apartment rental website on the block.

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I don't fit in

Confessions of a Misfit: 35 Ways I Don’t Fit In

Do you feel as if you don’t fit in? I do and recently I learned a startling thought from various unrelated sources. Apparently everyone else feels the same way.

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Taos, New Mexico travel things to see and do

Adventure and Art in Taos, New Mexico

Looking for travel tips and things to see and do in Taos, New Mexico? Today we’re visiting Taos as part of our World’s Best Travel Destinations series with

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amazing traveller true travel story

THE Most Amazing Traveller Ever

“Oh Max,” I moaned to my 11 year old son, “I want to write a post about someone amazing I met when I was travelling but I don’t know who to write about.

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Best thing to do in Las vegas

Las Vegas: Stereotypical America on Steroids

You’ve seen it in a hundred movies and you’ve read about it in countless magazines but nothing can prepare you for the experience of actually being in Las

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Glamping in the Australian Outback - Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge

Glamping in Kings Canyon

Glamping is a horrible word but a brilliant travel experience. While my kids adore camping, love being dirty and sleeping in a lumpy, sandy bed I don’t. But

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