• How to Overcome Anxiety and Enjoy Epic Adventures

    Would you like to overcome anxiety? It took me over 40 years to realise I suffer from anxiety and only then because a ...Read More

  • How to Stop Running Away From Problems

    One of the things that pissed me off about going to therapy was that every time I went to see my therapist a new problem...Read More

  • 7 Books and 7 Lessons on Paleo Eating and Fasting

    I've read many books on Paleo and fasting recently and as usual with my book round ups I don't recommend all the books...Read More

  • Nature, Wellbeing and Happiness in Salento, Italy

    Naturalis Bio Resort is an old masseria, or farm house, which has been transformed into boutique holiday accommodation...Read More

  • 7 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

    Despite being a life long ectomorph, the tall skinny body-type who can usually eat as much as they like, I've been putting ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: Breakdown of a Breakdown

    I announced the 52 Exercises quest as way to tackle a mid-life crisis with the byline:"52 Exercises: How One Woman Dared ...Read More


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