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  • 33 Lessons From Three Years of Travel Blogging

    Three years ago I bought the domain name Get In the Hot and started to take my travel blogging seriously. Since then it's morphed froma travel ...Read More

  • My Mum and the Turkish Waiter: 7 Fun Travel Lessons from a 77 Year Old

    I love this funny travel photo of my dear old mum and a Turkish waiter because: a. It's hilarious. I think my mum secretly loves it too, although she...Read More

  • Inspirational Interview – Peter Moore, Travel Writer

    "If I've learned one thing it's that when things go wrong, your trip starts getting interesting!" Peter Moore, travel writer...Read More

  • Reading List for Writers, Travelers and Parents

    This is a list of books that I've read and that I'd heartily recommend. I'll be adding to this as I read more and rack my brain for those old favorites. Please add...Read More

  • The Perils and Perks of Potties in Japan

    I love funny travel stories, don't you? So here's a funny travel tale about my experiences with the toilets of Japan. Apart from fine food, great scenery...Read More

  • 5 Reasons Lazy Holidays Rule

    Hello Hot Spotters! It's so good to see you here again. It's been a while and this post is overdue but I'll make no apologies for that because...Read More

  • 20 Signs You’re Staying in a Really Bad Hotel

    We've all stayed in bad hotels but some are worse than others. Here's how to know if the bad hotel is just bad or truly terrible......Read More

  • 7 Ways to Beat Post Vacation Blues

    It's the school holidays here in Queensland and I'm looking forward to a couple of mini vacations. I've planned a three night family...Read More

  • Making Grand Plans for 2015!

    I'm following Chris Guillebeau's lead and by writing a review of last year and a plan for the year head. My plans are ambitious (hence the Grand Plans headline!) but better to...Read More

  • Why be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?

    "You're really interesting!" I met heaps of new people when I was in Sydney andtwo of them surprised me by saying that, probably because I've lived in so...Read More


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