52 Exercises: How One Woman Dared to Deal With a Mid-Life Crisis

  • 52 Exercises: #47 Slacklining Makes Failure Fun

    Slacklining's been described as a cross between tightrope walking and trampolining which makes it sound impossibly hard. But when I saw someone slacklining ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #46 Pilates and Self Care

    Last time I saw the Pilates instructor Sandra was in a Toastmasters class. That was a few years ago when I was improving myself by learning how...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #45 Beach Fitness and Love

    Scott's clients are a loyal bunch. They show up to his outdoor fitness classes at 5.30am come rain or shine. They're a lot more dedicated than me because...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #44 Noosa Triathlon Fun Run

    Fun run always seemed to be an oxymoron to me. You know, one of those phrases with contradictory elements like deafening silence, living dead or open...Read More

  • 52 Exercises #43: Surfing Emotional Waves

    Sometimes my heart sinks at the thought of the weekend stretching ahead with all three children at home, the house a mess and work piling up. But ...Read More

  • 52 Exercises: #42 Urban Safari in Harare and Zimbabwe Travel Myths Busted

    Harare looks beautiful in October with the jacaranda trees in bloom. Purple blossom against deep blue skies, floating down onto the dusty red earth....Read More


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