August 2012

Worst Fellow Passenger on a Plane

Worst Fellow Passenger on a Plane: Travel Photo

My husband went on holiday without me once. Actually, he’s done that a few times. I usually manage to tag along, but sometimes he needs a boys only

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Canada Travel Blog Posts

7 Canada Travel Stories

Canada’s a huge place and you’d need to travel there many times or stay there forever to see it all. I wouldn’t mind repeat visits at all. Late spring, summer

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Travel blogging lessons

33 Lessons From Three Years of Travel Blogging

Three years ago I bought the domain name Get In the Hot and started to take my travel blogging seriously. Since then it’s morphed froma travel

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Things to Do in Lauterbrunnen, switzeland

Things to See and Do Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Looking for travel tips and things to see and do in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland? Today we’re visiting Lauterbrunnen as part of our World’s Best Travel

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10 Travel Facts about Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

11 Amazing Facts about Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

Interested in visiting Kyoto in Japan? Don’t miss Kiyomizu Temple which of course made my list of things to do in Kyoto. Here are some photos and facts

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funny travel stories roughing it

Rats and Roaches on the Road in Thailand – Funny Travel Stories Series

Have you ever stayed in dives because you loved travel so much you had to rough it? I have and I’m not ashamed. I wish I hadn’t had to deal with

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Best travel destinations, waiheke island, new zealand

World’s Best Travel Destinations – Waiheke Island, New Zealand

World’s Best Travel Destinations is a new series where we go into more detail, not just on where to go but also what to do when you get there. I’m opening

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How to Mange Your Money When You Travel

How to Manage and Maximise Your Money When Traveling

Life’s complicated, but not as complicated as working out the best way to manage your money while you’re traveling. When we moved from New

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Top 10 Cities for Travelers to Rent an Apartment

Top 10 Cities for Travelers to Rent an Apartment

Would you prefer to live like a local next time you’re on a city break? Big anonymous hotels cater to tourist and business travellers, sealing you

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funny travel story japan toilets

The Perils and Perks of Potties in Japan

I love funny travel stories, don’t you? So here’s a funny travel tale about my experiences with the toilets of Japan. Apart from fine food, great scenery

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Guided walk in the rocky mountains, banff

A Short Walk in the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Canada

If you like nature, walking and chocolate then you’ll love Joel Hagen and Nadine Fletcher from Great Divide Nature Interpretation who organise

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happiness secrets Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto japan

Secrets of Happiness from Japan – True Travel Story

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto is a world heritage site. Kiyomizu means clear water and the temple was built on a hillside with a spring overlooking

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