I’m an island girl. Having grown up in England, but as far as you can get from the ocean on that island of eccentrics, I yearned for the seaside as a child.

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Luxury Travel on a Budget

Who Else Wants Luxury Travel on a Budget?

Surely I’m not alone in dreaming of luxury travel and a champagne experience on a beer budget? It seems like a pipe dream but, armed with some

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Gifts for Travellers: 5 Hot Ideas

Gifts for Travellers: 5 Hot Ideas

With the holiday season hot on our heels it’s time to think about gifts for travellers. Of course we should be saving every penny

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Survival Books

12 Amazing Survival Books by Courageous Travellers

I’m a sucker for survival books! Either anxiety is driving me to read survival stories in the hope I’ll pick up a few survival tips

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Healthy Ageing: 3 Changes I've Made This Year

Healthy Ageing: 3 Easy Changes I’ve Made This Year

Whenever I’m not travelling I’m dreaming of travel, saving for travel and keeping fit for my next travel adventure. I don’t call

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Expensive Souvenir

The Most Expensive Souvenir I’ve Ever Bought

I treasure the few souvenirs I have from my travels; textiles from Africa, a palm wood salad bowl from Costa Rica and ethic

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Thumbnail image for Nice Idea?

Nice Idea?

There’s an Eminem quote being circulated widely at the moment which you may have seen:

“I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual

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Fossicking for Sapphires in Rubyvale

A Beginner’s Guide to Fossicking for Sapphires in Rubyvale

If you’d like to try your luck and find a sapphire head to Rubyvale in Central Queensland. You can pop into the Rubvale Gallery

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The Happiness of Pursuit & Why You Need a Quest

The Happiness of Pursuit & Why You Need a Quest

Have You Got a Quest? Last year I completed the 52 Exercises Quest, doing a

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Sapphire Gemfields, Central Queensland

From Dirt to Dazzler: Digging the Sapphire Gemfields

Word spread from Australia to New Zealand and as soon as Peter Brown heard about the free, easy lifestyle in the Sapphire

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Why I Write (a Travel Blog and Other Things)

Why I Write is part of a ‘blog hop’ which I was invited to join by the lovely Aussie travel bloggers Linda atJourneyJottings and

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Mantra Sun City penthouse on the Gold Coast

Penthouse Living at Mantra Sun City on the Gold Coast

When I checked into the Mantra Sun City in Surfer’s Paradise as soon as the receptionist mentioned the spa and swimming

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Party in the Penthouse!

Party in the Penthouse! And Other Problogger Event Highlights

When Mantra Hotels mentioned they would be hosting me and my travel blogging buddy Seana in their Sun City, Surfer’s Paradise

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Fears about what people will think

Do You Worry About What People Will Think?

When asked what the obstacles and fears around following your dreams one of the other women on the Chenrezig retreat

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Food Markets for travellers

5 Reasons You Must Visit Local Food Markets When Travelling

One of my many quirks is that I always want to visit the local food markets when traveling, even if I don’t need to buy any

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