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Wild Movie Tickets and Book Giveaway!

Wild Movie Tickets and Book Giveaway!

Have you ever just wanted to pack your bag, lace up your boots and walk off into the unknown? That’s what Cheryl Strayed did and wrote about in

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Tips for a Fun-Filled Family Escape

10 Tips for a Fun-Filled Family Escape

We just got back from a fun family escape at Rumba Beach Resort in Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It wasn’t a bucket list holiday

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Stop Masking Your Emotions - and Unmask Yourself!

How to Stop Masking Your Emotions – and Unmask Yourself!

How did you travel over the holiday season? If you found all that enforced time in the company of family stressful, you’re not alone. If you felt anxious

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Grand plans for 2015

Making Grand Plans for 2015!

I’m following Chris Guillebeau’s lead and by writing a review of last year and a plan for the year head. My plans are ambitious (hence the Grand Plans headline!) but better to

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Rumba Resort Caloundra - Review

Family Escape at Rumba Resort in Caloundra

Spending quality time with the kids always tops my wish list but only really happens when we go away on a family holiday. Despite my best intentions

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Funny Travel Story About Broken Shoes

Funny Travel Story: Why Now Broken Shoes? Why Now?!

In 2010 when I got invited to visit Shanghai with Coca-Cola I literally had nothing to wear. Well, nothing that you’d wear in the city because

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Pretty dress adrift

Travel Packing Essentials: a Pretty Dress by Adrift

Every year for Christmas I buy myself a pretty dress then give it to my husband to give to me. It works a treat because I always get a new dress that

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What's the Best Island Travel Experience?

What’s the Best Island Travel Experience?

I’m an island girl. Having grown up in England, but as far as you can get from the ocean on that island of eccentrics, I yearned for the seaside as a

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Luxury Travel on a Budget

Who Else Wants Luxury Travel on a Budget?

Surely I’m not alone in dreaming of luxury travel and a champagne experience on a beer budget? It seems like a pipe dream but, armed with some

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Gifts for Travellers: 5 Hot Ideas

Gifts for Travellers: 5 Hot Ideas

With the holiday season hot on our heels it’s time to think about gifts for travellers. Of course we should be saving every penny

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Survival Books

12 Amazing Survival Books by Courageous Travellers

I’m a sucker for survival books! Either anxiety is driving me to read survival stories in the hope I’ll pick up a few survival tips

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Healthy Ageing: 3 Changes I've Made This Year

Healthy Ageing: 3 Easy Changes I’ve Made This Year

Whenever I’m not travelling I’m dreaming of travel, saving for travel and keeping fit for my next travel adventure. I don’t call

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Expensive Souvenir

The Most Expensive Souvenir I’ve Ever Bought

I treasure the few souvenirs I have from my travels; textiles from Africa, a palm wood salad bowl from Costa Rica and ethic

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Thumbnail image for Nice Idea?

Nice Idea?

There’s an Eminem quote being circulated widely at the moment which you may have seen:

“I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual

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