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Training for half marathon luang prabang

Training for a Half Marathon in Luang Prabang

Running is becoming more and more popular, especially with women. Although I’m a late bloomer when it comes

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Granada horse parade hipica

Giddyup to Granada’s Horse Parade

“But you should stay for the Hipica.” We’re checking into our hotel in Granada, Central America’s oldest city where

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Bathrooms on Planes

Bathrooms on Planes: The Good, Bad and Ugly

There’s always a queue for the loo on a long distance flight as soon as the air slaves have finished clearing away

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Blimey! I’ve been Busy…

I’m one of those high energy A-types who thrive on being busy. I can’t cope with boredom. I like to have lots going

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things to do in granada nicaragua

72 Hours in Granada, Nicaragua

With its fine colonial architecture, Spanish heritage and stunning natural surroundings, Granada, the oldest city in Central America, is enjoying a renaissance. Due to its war torn past Nicaragua is still one

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Unplanned Pregnancy

18 Years After an Unplanned Pregnancy

When the little blue line appeared on the home pregnancy test kit I cried. It seemed as if my carefree life was over and that, belatedly, at the age of 29 I would finally be wrenched into adulthood. I was right.

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Moving  house

Moving House

Not so long ago I was pondering the benefits of travelling light through life and now I’m being forced to lighten my load. After ten years of renting we have bought our first home

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How to Believe in Yourself

How to Believe in Yourself

So many things are internalised during our childhood that we remain largely unaware of what drives us to start something, to keep trying or to give up, sometimes even before

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Fantasy Lifestyle

What’s your Fantasy Lifestyle?

Paradise Rescued is a memoir by a British expat called David Stannard. It’s a gorgeous story about how David bought

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Funny Travel Story: Froggy Fun

Funny Travel Story: Froggy

My mother’s nickname at school was Froggy because of her long legs. Now she’s in her eighties but she still attends school reunions where former classmates call her Froggy.

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healthy weekend

A Healthy Weekend

Friday night finds me in bed at 8pm. There are six weeks left in my teaching qualification and, after 10.5 months of reading, workshops and assignments interspersed with 15

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water hole zimbabwe

A Waterhole in Zimbabwe

We eat a quick breakfast outside on the deck at Kanga Camp overlooking Kanga Pan. At the end of the dry season in October, it’s the only inland waterhole in Mana Pools National

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How to raise adventurous kids

How to Raise Adventurous Kids for Fearful Mums

The thought of my kids doing some of the things I did when I was younger makes me shudder. Hitch-hiking, being flashed at or moving to the other side of the world where they

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Remote Fraser Island Tour (for People Who Don’t Do Tours)

This is just the first stop on our Remote Fraser Island tour with Tasman Venture and it’s hard to believe we’re just a 60 minute boat ride from the malls and fast food joints of

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