All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and travel but since neither of them pay well I’ve had to get creative in my quest to fund my twin passions.

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Aussie Loos or Outhouses

Awesome Aussie Outhouses: 5 Places to Pee Before You Die!

A tour of Australia’s outstanding outhouses, wonderful WCs, cool conveniences, amazing amenities and dunnies of distinction

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Reader survey 2014

2 Minute Reader Survey: Have Your Say!

It’s been four years since I started this blog and three years since I ran a survey. Yikes! Time flies… Get In the Hot Spot

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things to do in Seoul

A Million Things to See and Do in Seoul

Looking for things to see and do in Seoul? I’ve heard from several other travel writers that Seoul’s one of their favorite travel destinations so when

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Girl's Getaway Quay West Suites in Brisbane

Girl’s Getaway at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane: Part 2

I’ve never handed my car keys over to a strange man before but valet parking at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane is

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Girl's Getaway Brisbane

Girl’s Getaway at the Quay West Suites in Brisbane: Part 1

After waving a cheery goodbye to our respective offspring and menfolk my friend Lisa and I zoom off on our long-awaited

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Enjoy Epic Adventures

How to Overcome Anxiety and Enjoy Epic Adventures

Would you like to overcome anxiety? It took me over 40 years to realise I suffer from anxiety and only then because a

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Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

3 Day Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

I dream of retreats. I Google retreats. I love the idea of retreating from the busyness of life, the business and even my dear

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How to Stop Running Away From Problems

How to Stop Running Away From Problems

One of the things that pissed me off about going to therapy was that every time I went to see my therapist a new problem

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Maleny Botanic Gardens review

Marvelous Maleny Botanic Gardens for Bird Fanciers and Nature Lovers

Some days I just don’t feel like writing my 1000 words a day but I’ve been doing it anyway. It makes me feel grown up, responsible

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The best years of your life: how to notice and enjoy them

The Best Years of Your Life and How to Live it Right Now

I have silly thoughts sometimes in the normal way that many of us do. Sometimes if I’m feeling low, anxious or stressed

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ikatan spa review

Noosa Local’s Guide: ikatan Spa Splurge

My husband gifted me an ikatan Spa voucher for my birthday in March and I’ve been hoarding it ever since. I love to have

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Joy of New Discoveries

The Joy of New Discoveries

A running theme in my life is my love-hate relationship with the Internet. Of course I love the it. Blogging has changed

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Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa Review

Tuk Tuk Thai Noosa: Speedy Takeaway Review

Whether you’re on holiday or living in Noosa it’s always a treat to have a night

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What's Your Travel Song?

What’s Your Travel Song?

Is there a certain song that makes you want to travel or reminds you of special travel adventures? Being asked for an interview

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