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Travel Plans! Off to England

Travel News! Visiting England and Our Grand Plans

Although I don’t miss living in England because I have a morbid fear of the cold, I do missfamily and friends I left behind almost

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My Mantra for meditation

My Mantra

A few years ago when I was in the depths of depression I tried to shift my perspective through exercise, adventure and challenge

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Bluewater Point Resort  Kawana

Playing Away at Bluewater Point Resort in Kawana

Like many Aussie families our weekends get eaten up by kids’ sporting activities. It’s a crazy situation because we are not the

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Micro-Adventures Ideas

11 Micro-Adventures Ideas to Make You Happy and Successful

Ever wondered how successful people spend their weekends? A recent Forbes article says that, along with a plethora of other

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Things to Do in Tanzania

5 Things I Want to Do in Tanzania

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Tanzania for many years. I even won a cash prize in a competition tohelp me get there a few

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Challenge yourself

What it Feels Like to Challenge Yourself

Seven weeks ago I completed my first five kilometer (3.1 miles) timed run in 33 minutes and two seconds (33:02).

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Desert Island Experience Offer: Proof Dreams Come True

Desert Island Experience Offer, Travel Dreams and Opportunities

Word seems to be getting out about my running away skills, how I regularly want to disappear and often pull off a great escape.

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Running for Beginners Over 40

Running for Beginners Over 40: for the One Healthy Move Series

If you’re new around these parts, in which case a huge welcome, let me explain that I’m not a natural runner and I came to

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Do You Ever Want to Disappear?

Do You Ever Want to Disappear?

Sometimes the real world seems like such a hard place to be. Sometimes I dream

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Setting Health Goals and Achieving Them

5 Keys to Setting Health Goals and Achieving Them

I’ve been through stages of thinking I’ll never change and then finding that no matter how many times you’ve failed before you can change your

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Funny Travel Story: Riding a Turkish Fire Truck

Funny Travel Story: Riding High on a Turkish Fire Truck

Though I can’t remember the name of the town or ruins I was going to visit, the journey is imprinted in

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Walking: Easy Fitness Program for Midlife and Beyond

How to Walk: an Easy Fitness Program for Midlife and Beyond

At school sports day I was once enlisted to run both the mile and the 800 yards race because my house needed a representative. Having avoided

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Best Waterfalls and Swimming Holes on the Sunshine Coast

7 Best Waterfalls and Swimming Holes on the Sunshine Coast

I love waterfalls. I have a theory that water is the secret to happiness because nothing lifts my mood like the sight and sound of falling water. I’ve

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Health Supplements for Women

5 Health Supplements Worth Taking for Women

I covered a few health supplements I take religiously in Healthy Ageing: 3 Easy Changes I’ve Made This Year but those aren’t the only health supplements

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