• 3 Fun Things to Do During Earth Hour

    My mum was a midwife and she still claims that nine months after a powercut there would be a local babyboom. I guess entertainment options are limited when there is no electricity...Read More

  • The 5 Health Essentials for Busy Women

    When I was young I didn't appreciate my good health and abused my body by smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and partying fartoo much. I'm often astonished by how resilient...Read More

  • My Mantra

    A few years ago when I was in the depths of depression I tried to shift my perspective through exercise, adventure and challenge ...Read More

  • Wild Movie Tickets and Book Giveaway!

    Have you ever just wanted to pack your bag, lace up your boots and walk off into the unknown? That's what Cheryl Strayed did and wrote about in...Read More

  • Travel Packing Essentials: a Pretty Dress by Adrift

    Every year for Christmas I buy myself a pretty dress then give it to my husband to give to me. It works a treat because I always...Read More

  • Gifts for Travellers: 5 Hot Ideas

    With the holiday season hot on our heels it's time to think about gifts for travellers. Of course we should be saving every penny...Read More


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