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Desert Island Experience Offer: Proof Dreams Come True

Desert Island Experience Offer, Travel Dreams and Opportunities

Word seems to be getting out about my running away skills, how I regularly want to disappear and often pull off a great escape.

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Speaking and Training

Looking for a speaker or trainer at your next business event? I’d love to help. I’ve spoken at conferences, events and business meetings throughout Australia and overseas including: Zimbabwe Trade and Travel Fair 2013; Social Media Tourism Symposium 2013; Digital Parents Conference Sydney 2013; Walkley Media Conference 2011; Sunshine Coast Destination Limited 2011; The Creative […]

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Tourism Marketing

Need help with tourism marketing? I’m an Internet marketer, copywriter and travel blogger who specialises in tourism marketing. Based in Queensland, Australia I work with clients throughout Australia and around the world. My clients range from small tourism operators and tour companies to global businesses. No matter how big or small your tourism business is, […]

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Travel Tips Everyone Needs to Know

47 Travel Tips Everyone Needs to Know (from a Seasoned Pro!)

It’s becoming a tradition for me to write a list post on my birthday. I skipped it when I was 45 because I was too busy having

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Farmstay Tweed Valley Hosanna

Family Fun at a Farmstay in the Tweed Valley

With a babbling brook running through it, a muddy dam for swimming and domestic animals galore, Hosanna Farmstay

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Grand plans for 2015

Making Grand Plans for 2015!

I’m following Chris Guillebeau’s lead and by writing a review of last year and a plan for the year head. My plans are ambitious (hence the Grand Plans headline!) but better to

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Food Markets for travellers

5 Reasons You Must Visit Local Food Markets When Travelling

One of my many quirks is that I always want to visit the local food markets when traveling, even if I don’t need to buy any

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Jobs to pay for Travel

7 Jobs I’ve Done to Pay for My Travels

All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and travel but since neither of them pay well I’ve had to get creative in my quest to fund

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Thumbnail image for Puglia Travel Tips Round Up and People

Puglia Travel Tips Round Up and People

People were a star attraction in Puglia. Although the scenery and architecture in Puglia is fabulous of the thousands of photos I took while visiting many

It’s a fun way to pull together my travel experiences in Puglia and direct you off to travel tips, articles and places you may have missed.

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Thumbnail image for Photo Friday: Zebra Portrait Color vs. Black & White

Photo Friday: Zebra Portrait Color vs. Black & White

I love zebras. You can read more about that in my life as a zebra but today here’s a short, sharpboost in the form of a zebra

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Thumbnail image for Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

Photo Friday: Fantastic Mr. Pheasant

Sometimes I think the wildlife in industrial countries brings even more pleasure than it does in places you expect to see

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20 Dos and Don'ts for Your African Safari

Safari Survival Tips: 20 Dos and Don’ts

I’ll always remember the first time I went to Mana Pools. Our travel group consisted of four English girls, all in their early

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52 Exercises Breakdown

52 Exercises: Breakdown of a Breakdown

I announced the 52 Exercises quest as way to tackle a mid-life crisis with the byline:”52 Exercises: How One Woman Dared

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Australian Travel Bloggers List for 2014

55 Australian Travel Bloggers Hot Listed in 2014

The Australian travel blogging community is surprisingly small. Unless you take into account the fact that travel blogging

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Painted Dogs of Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Endangered Species: Painted Dogs of Mana Pools

Nothing excited the guides more than a sighting of the African painted dogs and when we saw the Kanga pack come into camp one night bringing the pups

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