Making New Friends: Playdates

Following up on the Gold Coast post and McDonald’s Happy Meals

We have a lot of kids over to play where ever we live. My kids demand it and I supply. Anything to keep them happy, even though this means lots of phone calls to strangers lining up the play dates and lots of conversations with mothers I don’t know.

Recently I had a conversation with one mum who was dropping her lad off at my house which went a bit like this:

“Samuel can stay for supper.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, it’s no problem. We’re just having omelets.”
“Samuel doesn’t like eggs.”
“Oh dear.”
“Just give him a little bit, maybe he’ll try it.”

Later at supper, after Samuel’s mum has gone home, Samuel eyed the omelet with suspicion and asked:

“What’s this?”
“Cheesy delight.” I answered, smiling encouragingly.
“Try it.” Samuel obediently had a bite, then asked:
“Has it got egg in?”
“No.” I replied, then shamed by the blatant and, to my own children, obvious, lie I added:
“Well, just a little bit.”
“Crocodile eggs” My hubby interjected helpfully. We all laughed and Samuel looked slightly confused but ate the omelet anyway. He’s a good lad, Samuel and will definitely be invited again. Wether or not he wants to come back to visit us is another thing.

Shameful I know, but we had Samuel’s best interests at heart. After all, you just can’t beat an omelet for taste, nutrition and ease. But I’m sure they’d be more popular if they came with a free toy.

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Good luck with all your travel plans!

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