• Shell Money Festival in the Solomon Islands

    The people of Malaita Island have long been the most feared tribe in the Solomon Islands. Distrusting of strangers...Read More

  • The Solomon Islands: 10 Things You Should Know

    You've probably heard of the Solomon Islands but might not be sure what they're like, who lives there or even where...Read More

  • Remote Fraser Island Tour (for People Who Don’t Do Tours)

    This is just the first stop on our Remote Fraser Island tour with Tasman Venture and it's hard to believe we're just a 60 minute boat ride from the malls and fast food joints of...Read More

  • America’s Cup Sailing Experience in Auckland

    When NZ won the America's Cup sailing race in 2000 it was a big deal. The nation was celebrating and we hopped on a ferry from Waiheke Island where we lived to downtown ...Read More

  • Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing: a Classic New Zealand Adventure

    True friends add fun to life. Like family, they know you better than anyone else and love you just the way you are but without any of the emotional baggage that can affect family ...Read More

  • Would You Dare Hike Up Mount Barney?

    Hiking Mount Barney is not a walk in the park. Rising 1,359m above sea level, in South East Queensland’s Scenic Rim, Mount Barney's peak is often shrouded in clouds. It's an impressive sight from ground...Read More


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