• Catalunya Experience: Secret Travel Diary Day 1

    It's a 36 hour journey door to door from my home in Queensland, Australia to my apartment in Barcelona.The journey from...Read More

  • Barcelona: My New Favorite City in the World!

    Filming the Catalunya Experience TV travel show was super fun but it was full on too. I was travelling with a film crew of 12 and working 12 hour days....Read More

  • Filming a Travel Show: My Amazing Catalunya Experience

    It all started with a random comment from the Catalan Tourist Board on this Instagram photo. At first it seemed as if my knobbly...Read More

  • Camino de Santiago Walk in Spain

    Looking for travel tips and things to see and do on the Camino de Santiago walk or pilgrimage in Spain? It sounds amazing so today we’revisiting the Camino...Read More

  • Majorca Travel Secrets From a Local – Don’t Tell!

    Germans, Brits and Scandinavians love Majorca and it has a reputation for being party central but there's a lot more to Majorca than cheap beer and endless...Read More


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