Autumn is in the air, time to get realistic

I’ve come to the conclusion that, realistically, updating my blog will be a once a week event. This should actually make it a better read by paring it down to the essentials and also assuage the guilt I have been feeling for not adding to it on a daily basis.

The thing is we really have settled in now and the routine is down pat. Kids off to school, I write, Hubby works, all easy peasy. Not so with the blog which I have decided to relocate from Blogspot to WordPress because I think the latter has better stats which I desperately need. So now I have to revisit all the sites I’ve added In the Hot Spot to and also relocate my (six!) wonderful followers.

Spoilt after 18 months in the tropics

The other evening I felt quite strange, I couldn’t put my finger on it for a moment and then I realised, I was cold! I don’t think I’ve felt cold for two years so that’s why I couldn’t pinpoint it at all, but since then I’ve been feeling a nip in the air in the mornings and even once in bed a night. So, my old duvets which were packed away in storage in New Zealand are now outside airing.

It is actually quite fun to have seasons again. In Costa Rica they do call the rainy season winter but it is not cold. Meanwhile here in Queensland, the summer was hotter than the temperatures in Costa Rica but now we will get a bit of respite over the winter and can enjoy wearing jeans and sweaters. Funnily enough Ticas (Costa Rican women) wear skin tight jeans non-stop no matter how hot and steamy the weather. It is kind of a national pastime I think.

So, now here in Queensland, the sky is clear blue and there is a light breeze, the perfect weather for airing my duvets after a week of clouds and unexpected showers. I do hope we have nice weather over the Easter holidays. I need to put getting a wetsuit to the top of my list as I could definitely tell I was cold last time I went surfing and was I eying all the surfers with wetsuits on enviously.

Thanks for reading, feel free to add your comments below.

Good luck with all your travel plans!

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