April 2014

How to Master Your Finances and Enjoy Freedom

How to Master Your Money and Gain Freedom to Travel

Money (or lack of it) is just one of the reasons people give for not travelling but it’s one of the easiest to solve. Fear, personal circumstances or no time

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Travel Portraits Zimbabwe

Travel Portraits from Zimbabwe and Tips for Taking Travel Portraits

I love taking photos when I travel and travel portraits in particular because people are always the star attraction of any

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Easter is one of my favorite holidays, not just because I love chocolate, but because the eggs, chicks and bunnies are all

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11 Good Books

11 Good Books to Read this Holiday

Reading is right up there with travel as one of my favourite activities. It’s another escape from the real world and one

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Paleo Eating and Fasting Books

7 Books and 7 Lessons on Paleo Eating and Fasting

I’ve read many books on Paleo and fasting recently and as usual with my book round ups I don’t recommend all the books

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A Long Lunch in Putignano, Puglia

Long Lunch in Italy

I visited Italy with high expectations for the food and wasn’t disappointed. Although they were all different every eating

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feel like a fool?

Do You Ever Feel Like a Fool?

April Fool’s Day is always a fun time for pranks,practical jokes and laughter. I sometimes sticky tape the kids into their

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