How to Master Your Money and Gain Freedom to Travel

How to Master Your Finances and Enjoy Freedom

Money (or lack of it) is just one of the reasons people give for not travelling but it’s one of the easiest to solve. Fear, personal circumstances or no time to travel are harder to overcome but money is a more concrete problem and one that’s easier to fix. Really. It is.

So I’m excited about the new Get Rich Slowly ebook and weekly email updates because now I have a concrete solution to recommend to readers who want to travel more but can’t afford it yet. Find out more about Get Rich Slowly and what’s included here.

Money can’t buy love but I still love money because it can buy freedom. Freedom to work less, freedom to see the world and freedom to make your travel dreams come true.

I left school at 18 and worked as a nanny in France and the USA because I wanted to travel. For the next ten years I traveled far and wide even though I didn’t have much money.

As a student I worked constantly in pubs, clubs and shops so that I could travel during the holidays. I traveled on a shoestring back then, hitch-hiking, sleeping rough and  doing crazy stuff I hope my kids never do, because I loved travel and wanted to see more of the world.

After I left university I studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language so I could travel more and earn money anywhere.

I’ve now lived in eight different countries, taking huge financial and personal risks to pursue my love of travel, but I’ve never been in debt.

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” Shakespeare said and that was very  much the family philosophy when I was growing up. My parents told me never to borrow money and always buy things for cash; rules I’ve stuck with all my life.

Being debt free has brought me freedom to travel whenever it took my fancy. But I worked hard for that freedom. I know  it’s hard to earn money and even harder to save it.

Saving money takes time, no matter how you go about it, or how much or how little you earn, because the more you earn the more you spend. That’s just the way it works.

My tip for saving money (and not spending it) is don’t think about how long it would take you to earn the money to buy the car, couch or dress you want because that maybe a relatively short time. Instead think about how long it would take you to save that money which will be much longer.

How long it will take you to save the money to buy something is a much truer indication of its value than how long it would take you to earn that money.

But ‘save money and avoid waste’ is commonsense advice that is rarely followed. Many of my friends are paying off credit card debt accumulated slowly by buying nothing in particular and putting their travel dreams on hold.

If you want to save more money for travel it’s best to save money and make more of it too. It’s important not to be greedy or selfish in how you make your money but equally important to make sure you earn as much as you’re worth.

I’ve learnt some good money saving tips over the years but travel becomes even harder to afford when you’re no longer young, free and single. Now we’re a family of five the airfares to Europe from Australia cost $10,000 and that’s before we even set foot on European soil.

So I’m always looking for ways to make and save more money for travel because travel experiences are the only thing I want to buy hence my interest in Get Rich Slowly.

Get Rich Slowly Guide Overview

You can find out more about Get Rich Slowly and what’s included here but the idea is about you becoming the Chief Financial Officer of your life. It’s about putting your big girl (or boy!) pants on and taking responsibility for your own finances. Something I personally have not been good about since settling down into family life.

Get Rich Slowly starts slow urging you to make a mission statement and set financial goals. Something we all know we should do but few of us action.

You’ll learn that you’re going to have to prioritise earning and saving and set aside time to manage your finances. If you want to make and save money for travel that’s something you’ll be prepared to do. If you’re not ready to prioritise earning and saving money for travel then you might as well give up on ever travelling much now.

If you are ready to make sacrifices then Get Rich Slowly will show you how to get started and how to succeed. It covers:

  • How to take stock of your current financial circumstances;
  • How to create financial reports so you can earn more than you spend;
  • How to set a budget;
  • How to save money (author J.D. Roth calls this making a profit);
  • Why making small savings on a daily basis by doing things like using discount coupons probably isn’t the best way to save money;
  • Where the best places to save money are (hint, think accommodation and transport);
  • How to reduce your overheads.

Get Rich Slowly Details

If you’d like to eliminate debt, master your money and achieve financial independence the Get Rich Slowly guide is easy to understand and has a clear action plan. Get Rich Slowly is your complete toolbox to help you take action. You’ll get everything you need to jump-start your way to financial success, including a new lesson every week for an entire year.

First, you’ll get immediate access to the 120-page “Be Your Own CFO” guide, a field manual for freedom. The guide explains exactly how you can use the same model author J.D. Roth created in his search for financial independence and debt-free living.

The guide comes with access to interviews and resources called a “money toolbox” so you’ll learn tips and tricks that you can apply right away, as well as time-tested, long-term strategies to build wealth.

Then, every week for an entire year, you’ll receive a new lesson in your inbox. There are 52 lessons in total, and each one offers practical and specific instructions on how to master your money.

master your moneyGet Rich Slowly is brand new and currently being offered at a special price for a short (and undisclosed) time. There are three different options starting from just $39. You can check them all out here.

Better yet the book comes with a guarantee that it will help you master your finances or it’s free.

If you want to make and save more money for travel this my secret formula:

Earn money. Spend less than you earn. Save the rest and spend your savings on experiences not things.

If you’d like a game plan on how to master your money and gain freedom to travel more then you need to earn more, spend  less and save the difference. Get Rich Slowly is a great way to get started.

Once you’ve mastered your money and are free to travel where will you go first?

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  1. Sandra Pawula April 30, 2014 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Oh gosh, I’m definitely not a master of money at all! Just remembering to pay a bill is a huge victory in my world. I think I’m an ethereal creature who wasn’t meant to live in such a complicated world.

    All excuses aside, I’m much better than ever. And, I’m so impressive by how much you’ve been able to work and save so you could travel. I don’t have a desire to travel far, but I wouldn’t mind a special week or weekend on the other side of the island!

    • Annabel Candy April 30, 2014 at 9:31 am - Reply

      Hi Sandra,

      You sound a bit like me when it comes to mastering money – pretty good but with plenty of room for improvement. I hope you can save for that special trip away – when you don’t have to go far you have more time to relax and enjoy.

  2. Drew | The Hungry Partier May 26, 2014 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    This is a great read, and very helpful! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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